Sunday, June 18, 2006

After dinner tonight, we decided to take a drive along Double O Road where we had been told there were American Avocets with chicks. On our way out of the RV park, we stopped to look at the Killdeer eggs in a nest they've built out in the road...on one side, but still in the road!

We only saw two baby American Avocets, but there is apparently an Avocet sitting on a nest (which we didn't see), so we'll have to go back soon. What did surprise us, though, was that the American Avocet does the "broken wing" trick to lure people/animals away from their nests -- the same as we've seen Killdeer do. We also saw some Willets and Long-Billed Curlews.

Once we finished there, we drove down Harney Lake Road to see if we could find the Golden Eagle's nest which we'd been told was there. We did find the nest a little over 2 miles west of SR-205. The huge nest was built on a ledge in a rock outcropping and there were 2 fledglings still in the nest.


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