Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Earl was going to golf today. But this morning, he found that the golf club was in the process of aerating the course, and there were plugs all over the fairways (this little fact would have been nice of them to mention when Earl made a tee time).

Since Earl couldn't golf today, we decided to leave and make it part way to our next several-day stay at Fairmont RV Resort near Anaconda (the park at which we'd stayed previously when we'd met up with Lloyd).

We stopped at the Exxon on the way out of Columbus to top off the tank in the Lazy Daze ($3.059/gallon...four cents cheaper than it was at this same station six days ago).

Tonight we're parked at the city park in Three Forks (Three Forks Pond).

Miles driven: 130.9
GPS coordinates: Not taken


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