Saturday, September 30, 2006

Maxx has Valley Fever

Before leaving Sutherlin, we stopped to put gas in the Lazy Daze ($2.759/gallon) and fill up the propane tank.

We then stopped at the veterinary hospital to pick up Maxx's records, and found that they had just received the preliminary report from the lab in Colorado. Maxx has Valley Fever (Coccidiomycosis). Unfortunately, vets in regions other than the Southwest where the fungus that causes Valley Fever is present, don't know much about it and aren't on the lookout for it, so we've been delayed in getting a diagnosis. We were given Ketoconazole pills (one of several different treatments for this disease) and instructed to have our vet in Quartzsite do a liver enzyme titer when we get back.

Valley Fever can be a very serious disease, particularly in the disseminated state Maxx apparently has. Hopefully, we've caught it early enough that he can be cured. If you'd like to know more about Valley Fever, just Google "coccidiomycosis in dogs."

We're spending the night at Emigrant Lake Campground east of Ashland, Oregon.

Miles driven: 129.8
GPS coordinates: not taken


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