Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We finally received the information from the lien holder (who had finally received it from the State of Arizona), so that we could complete all the forms necessary to get our Excel licensed. I talked with Jessica at Alternative Resources who walked me through completing the forms and then took them down to the Post Office to mail them. Hopefully, we'll have our license plates by next week!

We should then have everything we need in order to leave here on Wednesday, April 12. We'll head down to Gila Bend where Ron Walter will be installing our solar system from AM Solar (4 100-watt panels and the HPV-22B charge controller). We already have 4 AGM batteries which Earl is in the process of building a frame for in the front storage bay of the fifth wheel. We'll use the current battery compartment for storing other stuff.

Once the installation is complete, we'll head north to the Spring Escapade in Stockton, CA, stopping in Coarsegold along the way to visit friends who live at the SKP park there.


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