Thursday, May 03, 2007

Getting the A/C Fixed -- Finally!

Since we are taking the fifth wheel to Jack's Campers (the Excel dealer near Sturgis), we got up early and left to make the 130+ mile trip. We bought fuel in Gillette at the Flying J ($2.839/gallon) and breakfast at McDonalds.

We arrived at Jack's Campers before 10:00 AM and they started working on the problem right away. They worked most of the day...the problem turned out to be a wiring problem...Peterson Industries had wired it wrong. Which means that the original A/C unit was probably OK!

We finally made it to the RV park (Elkview Campground, a Good Neighbor park) in the late afternoon...we're the only ones here except for some tenters.

Miles driven: 174
GPS coordinates: N 44° 20.798' / W 103° 26.711'


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