Thursday, November 01, 2007

Nampa, Idaho

We arrived at the Garrity RV Park (one of our Passport America parks) in Nampa shortly after noon. We were originally going to dry camp at my brother's place near Melba, but it's been so cold at night that we've had to run our forced air furnace during the night (although at the lowest setting possible). Since a forced air furnace in an RV is a huge battery hog, we were afraid that we'd run down our batteries too much, particularly if it's cloudy while we're here (as it was this morning).

After setting up and having lunch, we drove down to my mother's house in Melba to visit.

Miles driven: 121.2
GPS coordinates: N 43° 35.263' / W 116° 31.558'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Guys! Just sent you email from LD group site...kept clicking and again found your blog site... and you're in Nampa, ID!! The mission pilot group Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) that we worked 30 years with just moved to Nampa, airport last summer (2006), from Redlands, S. Calif. We hope to get up there and visit them next year.
Hope to hear from you. g/nite Linda and Earl
•• Jack & Jeannette Walker ••
Chattanooga, TN

Sunday, November 04, 2007  

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