Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Window Awnings (Almost)

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed a van across the street with the name of Tom's RV Express on it. They were installing awnings on an RV, and since we'd been discussing having window awnings installed, Earl walked across the street to ask them to give us a quote. Because the price they quoted was within the range we were considering, we had them measure the windows and order the awnings.

Well, today they came out to install the awnings. Out of the 3 we'd ordered (one large one to cover the two windows on the big downstairs slide, one for the window in the opposite slide, and one for the bedroom window), we only had one installed! The big awning was *too* big because, apparently, the guy who measured the window wrote down only the size of the awning needed, but not also the size of the window, so when the size was given to the place where the awnings are made, they thought the size was the window size instead of the awning size. And the bedroom awning was the wrong color (doesn't the shipping department check before sending them out?).

Tom will have to reorder the other two awnings, but he said he'd come out to Winchester Bay (at no cost to us, of course), to install them.


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