Friday, October 31, 2008

October in Quartzsite

When we returned to Quartzsite, we filled up with diesel at the Pilot's station on the 2nd for $3.559 per gallon. Today we filled up again for $2.659...a reduction of $.90 per gallon in a little less than a month! We haven't seen prices this low since March 2007 when we filled up with diesel at the Zip's on I-10 in Salome, AZ for $2.609 per gallon!

While we've been here, we had RV Lifestyle order the part needed to repair the big awning, and then had them fix the awning when the part came in.

We took Maxx to the vet to have another Valley Fever titer blood test done (it's still high) and to get more pills. Despite the VF, Maxx has been doing really well.

We've visited with friends...Mike & Mary who lived across the street from us when we had our house here, and Jack & Jeannette, Lazy Daze owners we'd met before and who stopped for a visit on their way through Quartzsite.

Yesterday, both Earl and I went to the eye doctor here in Quartzsite, Dr. Soti, to have our eyes checked. The last time we've been to an eye doctor was in 2005, and we both need new glasses.

We've decided to spend another month here in Quartzsite, leaving at the end of November.


Blogger Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

Do you think you'll get back to Q in January? That's when we hope to get there. Glad Maxx is ok


Monday, November 03, 2008  

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