Friday, February 13, 2009

We drove up to Congress to fill up with diesel ($2.429) and pick up our mail. Then we continued on to Bagdad, a remote town out in the middle of nowhere. Here's an article from the Desert USA website about a father's and son's trip to Bagdad.

On the way up US-93, we passed an area thick with Joshua Trees, indicative of the Mojave Desert (whereas the Saguaro is indicative of the Sonoran Desert.

Bagdad has a small Bashas grocery store where we stopped to pick up a few groceries. It also has a gas station where we discovered diesel was going for $2.159 per gallon, or $.27 LESS per gallon than we'd just paid in Congress!!! Can anyone explain to me how a town out in the middle of nowhere (and I mean absolutely nowhere) can be selling diesel cheaper than a less remote town?
When we left Bagdad, we continued the loop back out to SR-89 north of Yarnell, the road that we'd driven day before yesterday on our trip to and from Prescott. It was a really pretty drive.


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