Monday, May 04, 2009

We arrived at AM Solar's place just before 8:30AM and were directed to the open bay. Michael, the person who will be doing the bulk of the installation, checked out the camper and we determined the best place for the solar controller.

AM Solar has a really nice waiting room with Wi-Fi and we can even bring Maxx inside. Deb Holder even put a blanket up on the couch so that Maxx could lay up there (even though we brought his bed in)...what a spoiled dog!

The solar panels, batteries, and controller were installed today...the inverter will be installed on Thursday.

After today's installation was done, we drove over to the Eugene Elks Lodge in preparation for tomorrow's appointment with Don Marr at Oregon RV Satellite Service to have a Motosat Executive satellite TV dish installed.

When we ordered the camper, we debated whether or not to get the manual crank-up satellite TV dish offered as an option, or to have them install a dome. We chose the former which was a mistake. For one thing, the crank up is in the overhead, necessitating laying down on the bed to crank it up and turn it to find the satellite. Plus the fact that the Digital Magic, used to find the elevation, didn't work, we figured that we'd be much happier with an automatic dish.

We could have gone with a dome like we have on the fifth wheel, but I really wanted an open-faced dish since it's not subject to as much rain-fade because of rain and it will allow us to get a signal farther north into Canada than a dome. Winegard used to make a single-LNB automatic open-faced dish, but I couldn't find it on their website any more, so I looked at the Motosat dishes. The Motosat Executive is a single LNB automatic dish (we aren't interested in HD programming, so don't need one of the multiple-LNB dishes) which will fit our needs. In checking out the dealer locations on Motosat's website, we found Don's information and gave him a call. Fortunately, he was able to fit us in between the lull of having our solar installed, and better yet, he had a used system which will cost us less than a brand new one.


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