Saturday, July 07, 2012

The house didn't close at the end of the month; in fact, we were being to think it might never close!  We've bought lots of houses since we've been married, but never has it taken so long to get to closing.

But, closing day finally came yesterday, July 6.  We went in at 8:30 AM to sign the mound of papers and then, since the July homeowners association dues needed to be paid, we drove out to the house and met with the Treasurer to give him a check.

This morning, we went by the house to sweep out the garage and sprinkle ant killer around the edges, both inside and out.  After we finished that, we headed to Lowe's and bought the appliances that we're replacing (all of them, including the washer and dryer). 

Soon after we got back, our Realtor came by with a full-price offer for our house from a viewing that took place yesterday evening!  So, not only did we close on the house we bought, but we now have an offer on the one we're selling...all within the space of a little over 24 hours!  It's great when everything comes together!


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