Monday, October 17, 2011

We left Spokane on Tuesday, October 4 and headed south on US-195 through Lewiston, Idaho where we picked up US-95.  We continued south to Hammer Creek Recreation Area, just south of White Bird, where we spent the night.

After breakfast the next morning, we continued south on US-95, intending to spend the night at Mann Creek Reservoir; however, it was raining most of the day so we figured that the camping area around the reservoir would be nothing but mud, so we continued on to my mother's place south of Nampa.

We spent 11 days visiting with my mother and had a great time!  While there, we visited with a cousin (once removed) who has done a lot of genealogy and had dinner with an aunt and two of her daughters.  We never did make it out to cemeteries in the area, though, to take pictures of relatives' gravestones.  We'll have to do that this coming spring when we visit my mother again.

Sunday morning we headed out and traveled east on I-84, spending last night at the campground at Curlew National Grasslands, north of Snowville, Utah (the campground is actually in Idaho). 

Today we'll continue south on I-84 to Kaysville (north of Salt Lake City) and stop at the HappiJac factory so they can repair or replace one of our jacks which hasn't really worked right since we first got the camper.


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