Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Direcway almost goes into the trash!

After having breakfast and bidding Kate and Terry goodbye, I hooked up my phone to the laptop to download email. Well, Margo's email wasn't there! After having her send it a second time, and still not receiving it, I finally figured out that her subject line contained the word "software" which was one of the words I'd set up in my filters so that I didn't get spam. After changing the subject line to "Linda," I received the email just fine.

But then I had trouble with the files until talking to Margo again. When I finally got the problem with accessing the program fixed, and ran it, I then had to go through the entire registration process again. That's when I ran into the final problem -- even though I passed the Cross Pol test, I couldn't proceed through the entire registration. Another call to Margo (at this point, I'm sure she was sick of hearing from me)! She figured out what the problem was, and FINALLY, I was online again!

And to top the day off, I received a call from my mother telling me that my half-brother, Dick, had died! Although he'd had some health problems recently, his death came as a shock.


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