Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When we had the oil changed in the Honda prior to leaving Quartzsite in April, we were told that the tires had wear on them and should be replaced in the near future. We didn't change them at that time, but we've been reluctant to take some of the drives around here that required miles and miles of travel on rough, gravel roads because of their condition. The tires have probably over 30,000 miles on them, about half of which have been racked up towing behind the Lazy Daze.

We finally decided that we should replace them, so Earl made an appointment with the Les Schwab's in Burns. Since we can't leave Maxx for too long (the steroid pills he's on make him drink copious amounts of water...and, of course, pee a lot, too), Earl went by himself, and stopped to do grocery shopping after the tires had been replaced.

Now we can take the trip down to the Kiger Mustang Viewing Area!


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