Wednesday, August 02, 2006

After breakfast, we drove out to Larry's mother's place for a visit. They took us down to Cow Hollow Park, which currently belongs to the BLM (word is that they're trying to sell it)...they have several electrical hookups in the park with 30- and 50-amps. There is also water available, although there was a sign up about coliform bacteria and arsenic in the water, so it's certainly not potable right now. The sign didn't say how much the fee was to stay there, but did give a telephone number for the Vale District BLM office, so we may call and find out more information about it. It's farther out than Simpson's RV Park, but may be another alternative for a place to stay...particularly if it remains in BLM hands, since we could stay there for half price.

After checking the park out, we all drove into Nyssa for lunch at A&W. Then Earl and I picked up some deli meats and cheese to take over to Ilene's for dinner.

We went back to the rig for awhile to feed Maxx, take him for a walk, and relax for awhile before going over to Ilene's for dinner.


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