Monday, August 07, 2006

I called the veterinary in Pendleton to see if we could get Maxx in so the vet could take a look at his leg (the joint has been swollen, and he limps on it). Fortunately, we got an 11:30 AM appointment.

We stopped at the Safeway near the vet's office to fill up with gas ($2.919 per gallon with a $.06 per gallon discount using our Safeway card) and do some grocery shopping.

When it was time for the appointment, we parked across the street in a mall parking lot because the parking lot at the vet's office wasn't big enough for our rig. The vet kept Maxx so that he could take x-rays of his hips and leg. Fortunately, everything looked find in the x-rays, so it appears that Maxx has probably torn a ligament. The vet gave us some pain pills that really help. Hopefully, Maxx's leg will be better soon!

After we dropped Maxx off, we drove to the Elks Lodge to park, stopping first at the Visitor's Center that has a dump and fresh water available.

Miles driven: 46.8
GPS coordinates: Not taken


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