Friday, September 08, 2006

Clyde Holliday State Park

We left the state park early, driving back to La Grand to get gas for the Lazy Daze ($2.999/gallon) and do some grocery shopping at the Safeway.

Then it was back to the exit for the state park, but this time we took SR-244 west to Ukiah where we dumped our tanks and filled up the fresh water tank. After finishing those tasks, we drove south on US-395 to Mt. Vernon, and east to Clyde Holliday State Park where we unhooked in a rain storm.

This is a nice park...lots of trees, on the John Day River for people who like to fish and/or boat, and sites have both water and electric, plus there's a dump on site. We stayed here once before many years ago when we had a truck camper.

Miles driven: 136.4
GPS coordinates: not taken


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