Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In doing some research online about Valley Fever, I ran across an article written by Suzanne Stack, D.V.M. about VF in Greyhounds (who, like Basenjis, are sighthounds...just bigger). Because dogs with VF loose weight (Maxx has gone from his normal 24-25 pounds down to just slightly over 21 pounds when he was weighed a few days ago), Dr. Stack recommends feeding a canned food with the most fat, protein, and calories you can find. While she specifically recommended Hills N/D cancer diet (at almost 600 calories per can), she says that canned puppy food is good, too, since it has a higher fat content than adult food.

So today we went on a search of Susanville for canned puppy food. Our first stop was Wal-Mart...adult canned dog food, but no puppy food. Same thing at Safeway where we had to do grocery shopping, anyway. So after coming back to the RV to unload groceries and have lunch, Earl looked up pet stores in the phone book and found a farm supply place just down the road from the RV park that carries dog food. And they did carry canned puppy food. We picked the Natural Choice Puppy Food since it had more fat in it than the Science Diet canned food.

Hopefully, Maxx will like this food and start putting on some weight!


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