Friday, April 13, 2007

We learned this week that the air conditioner didn't get shipped out until Tuesday rather than on Monday as we were told it would. I guess it doesn't make any difference because, while it made it to Phoenix in just 3 days (arriving early this morning), it isn't scheduled to be delivered to Quartzsite until Wednesday, April 18. In other words, it's going to sit in Phoenix for 5+ days before the shipping company deems fit to bring it here!

The problem is that it probably won't be delivered until sometime in the afternoon on Wednesday, and RV Lifestyles has already gone on half-days, although they told Earl they'd have someone there to accept the shipment. RV Lifestyles said that once they've inspected the unit to make sure there was no damage in transit (perish the thought!), it would take them only about an hour to install. But, of course, we won't be able to have it installed until Thursday morning. Which means we'll have to cancel our stop in Coarsegold to visit friends and head directly to the Escapade in Stockton which starts on Sunday, April 22.


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