Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Well, we're not happy campers today!

After over 3 weeks without having air conditioning in the fifth wheel -- and nearly 3 weeks since we first took it in to be repaired -- we STILL don't have a working A/C unit!!!

We got a call from RV Lifestyles yesterday saying that the black box from Coleman had arrived (even though James had requested a whole unit be shipped, Coleman insisted that it was only the black box that needed to be changed out), so today we took the rig back to have it installed (note this is our THIRD trip to RV Lifestyles for the air conditioning...thank goodness they're only one mile away). After the installation, it was found that it did NOT fix the problem!

And now Coleman is not returning James' calls.

So at this point, Earl got on the phone to Peterson Industries to see if they could intercede with Coleman to get an entire new A/C unit sent out. He talked to Jack -- the person I'd talked with back during the week of March 11 when I first found out our A/C unit didn't work, and who both gave me the Authorization number AND who told me it would be OK for us to have the work done at our local RV service center rather than at the dealer from whom we'd purchased the rig (since they're 150+ miles from us).

During the conversation Jack told Earl that they (Peterson) didn't even know if we had a NEW unit (then why have we recently received a Welcome letter, a baseball cap, and a tote bag from them?) and that we should be working with our selling dealer (see the above paragraph)!

Well, as you can imagine, this really made me angry, considering Jack was the person to whom I'd spoken 3 weeks ago about this issue. So I got online and sent off a private message to Bryan Tillet, President of Peterson Industries, who takes part in the Excel Owner's Forum over on the website. I started out by giving him the Order number, the date that the order had been approved by Peterson Industries, the VIN number, and the date we took possession of the rig -- just background information to PROVE that we were talking about a NEW unit!!! I went on to outline everything that had taken place over the 3 weeks since we first discovered the A/C didn't work, and said how unhappy we were with both Coleman and Peterson -- neither of whom seems to care that we're sitting here in 90+ degree weather without a working A/C unit!

Both RV Lifestyles and we later received calls from Curtis at Peterson (the person to whom Earl had spoken back on March 16 when we first took the rig to RV Lifestyles) who said they'd have an entire new unit shipped out on Monday.

Hopefully by this time next week, we'll have a new A/C unit; otherwise, letters are going to be sent off to a magazine or two as well as RVCG.


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