Thursday, May 10, 2007

Originally, we were going to stay just one day at the Elks Club in Colorado Springs. However, we decided to stay longer so that we could take the time to do some grocery Don and Earl got involved in trying to diagnose and fix the slide problem we've been having almost since we picked up the rig (the two big downstairs slides go out OK, they just stop several times on the way in).

Don talked with Curtis at the factory, and he told Don to make sure all the connections were tight and to replace the two 50-amp circuit breakers. Don and Earl did all that, but still the slides stop on the way in. So we're headed to Smith Center, Kansas to get the problem fixed once and for all. (On our way south from Sturgis, we had called the Excel dealers in Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. The first question out of their mouths was, "did you buy your rig here?" When they found out we hadn't purchased the rig there, all three dealers refused to help us. Since we are on our way to New Mexico and plan on being there all summer and into the fall, we were really upset at the dealer in the Moriarity dealer...even when we told them it wasn't an emergency, we'd be in New Mexico most of the rest of the year, so could come in at their convenience, they were still unwilling to help us because we hadn't purchased our rig from them!)

Curtis said he's going to change out the two 50-amp circuit breakers for one 100-amp one, and they *might* have to replace the hydraulic motor, too. We'll see once we get there (pray that there aren't any tornadoes while we're there!).


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