Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We had four books sitting around that both Earl and I had read, so decided to walk down to the office where they have a book exchange library to leave our books and pick up four more.

As we neared the office, we saw a red Lazy Daze sitting there...turned out to be Kate and Terry Kline who were coming in from their stay at Rock Hound State Park. As we sat in their rig talking, we compared sites at Rock Hound. It turns out that they parked in the same space we had parked in on our previous trip. When they left, friends of theirs took the spot and would leave when Kate and Terry returned to the park in a week or so. Since we knew we couldn't get our favorite spot, we decided to return to Quartzsite. OK, OK, I know it's a flimsy excuse, but it was all we needed to help us make our choice of where to go next! :-)


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