Saturday, December 27, 2008

December in Quartzsite

Nothing really exciting happened this month. Just the usual...a few trips over to Blythe for shopping and lunch and shopping here in Quartzsite.

Between the Family Dollar Store, Quartzsite General Store, the Roadrunner, and the fresh fruit & vegetable market across from the Post Office, we can find most grocery and household items we need right here in town. There are a few items that we can't find here, so every once in awhile we take a trip over to the Albertson's in Blythe.

Earl got his Passport Card, but somehow the copy of my driver's license didn't make it along with the application, so I had to send a copy to the Passport office. I did receive my Passport Card in the last mail we had sent, so we're all set for Alaska!

The last price we paid for diesel when we filled up early in the month was $2.099; however, we've noticed as we've driven around town that it's been as low as $1.919! Just hope the prices remain relatively low this summer, although we know they'll go up...they always do in the summertime.

We're leaving here tomorrow...yea! Our first stop tomorrow night will be dry camping at the Elks Lodge in Gila Bend and then it's on to Coyote Howls Campground in Why for a few days. On January 1, we'll be at Justin's RV Park west of Tucson.


Blogger Wandrin said...

OK... I'll have to come over for a visit before I leave Tucson on the 7th (the plan today).

Saturday, December 27, 2008  

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