Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our dining chairs have been coming apart for some time now, so on one of our trips over to Blythe, we bought sturdy corner brackets and wood glue. This afternoon, we loaded the chairs into the truck and took them over to Mike and Mary's place so Mike and Earl could repair them.

The front corner of each chair had sturdy corner brackets, but the rear corner had cheap little "L" brackets. And, when the chairs were taken apart, it was found that very little glue had been used to put them together. Now they're all back together again, hopefully better than new!

We also stopped by RV Lifestyle to buy a MaxAir vent cover for the bedroom vent so that we can keep the vent open while the fifth wheel is in storage this summer.

We invited Mike and Mary to dinner at the Grubstake where we all had fish and chips.


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