Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're spending the night at Hi Desert RV Park in Winnemucca. This is a new park for us (Passport America), since we usually stay at Winnemucca RV Park which is a Good Neighbor park (part of the Coast to Coast system). However, in order to stay at Winnemucca RV Park under the Good Neighbor rate (currently $13), we have to make reservations no less than 3 days in advance. Usually that's difficult, since we never know for sure where we'll be 3 days hence!

Our Passport America book said that the PA rate at Hi Desert was $14-something per night; however, we were charged only $12.65. I don't know whether the park has lowered their rates (unlikely), or a mistake was made in the charge, but there you go.

We ate dinner at the Model-T Casino in town.


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