Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The other day, we discovered doves trying to build a nest on our king pin (we have a level attached to the front of the king pin and the area behind the level makes a really nice nesting area). They hadn't gotten too far in the process, so we chased them off and got rid of the nesting material.

We hadn't payed any attention to them since then, but today when we came back in the afternoon from visiting friends, Mike & Mary, we found that they were back to nest building...not only that, but the female had already laid an egg!!! If we were going to be staying long enough, we would have just let them be and raise their family there, but since we're going to be leaving on Saturday, we had to get rid of both nest and egg. Earl then rolled up the rug that's normally outside and put it in the space so they can't continue trying to build a nest there!


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