Friday, May 08, 2009

Before leaving AM Solar this morning, we filled up with fresh water and then dump tanks at the Union 76 station on Main Street (south of AM Solar's location) where we also filled up a propane tank.

When we drove from Sisters to Springfield this past Sunday, we traveled US-26 and SR-126 which dumps right into Springfield. Leaving this morning, we drove up Marcola Road (the same road on which AM Solar is located) to SR-228 and into Sweet Home. From there, we traveled US-20 east back into Sisters. Neither of us remember ever driving this road before, so it was all new to us...and a beautiful drive.

We're spending the night at Haystack Reservoir, West Shore, a few miles south of Madras. We tried going to South Shore, but the entrance had a gate across it with a note that it was closed for renovations. Later, Earl got to talking to another camper who said that by next year, West Shore (which is currently free) is going to become a fee campground and South Shore will become a day use only area. Don't know who the guy is or if he knows what he's talking about, but I guess we'll see the next time we come through this area.


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