Monday, August 03, 2009

Silky lupine
(Lupinus sericeus Pursh)

One picture I forgot to post yesterday was of a B&B we saw from US-95 while driving by Cottonwood. It was so unique, that we got off the road to get a closer look and take a picture of the Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast:

After leaving the RV park this morning, we stopped to do laundry in town. It was the type of laundromat that gives a bad name to laundromats, and is why I HATE going to them...dirty with a good portion of the machines out of order. To make matters worse, when Earl went to the bank to get a couple of rolls of quarters, the woman there told him that she uses the laundromat to wash things she doesn't want to do in her own machine at home! Well, that really gives one confidence!

We're spending the night at the sno park we've boondocked at before that's located off US-55 between New Meadows and McCall. It's hot enough to have to run the generator and the air.


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