Thursday, July 30, 2009

As I sit here in the camper while Earl is out paddling around the reservoir in his boat, fishing, I notice a bunch of logging truck going by...heading south, they're empty, but heading north, they're carrying logs.

Where do they go to pick up the logs? Where do they take the logs? In answer to the latter question, they *might* be taking them to Clarkia. When we stopped there to have lunch earlier in the year after leaving Elk River, we drove through town and noticed what appeared to be a staging area for logs.

Earl didn't have any luck on his first trip fishing from the boat, although he said he did get a nibble. Tomorrow, we may move over the the Forest Service campground that has electrical got hot enough here that we have the generator on running the A/C. We can easily go through most of one propane tank running the generator and A/C all day and it costs us around $14 or more to fill one will only cost us $7.50 a day at the FS campground.


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