Friday, August 13, 2010

More Yellowstone Pictures

We went back to Yellowstone today, this time driving down to Old Faithful, stopping along the way to take the Firehole Lake Drive, where many of these pictures are from.

Shortly after entering the park, traffic came to a stop for quite a while. We knew there wasn't any construction on this stretch of road, and people weren't pulled over to the side like they usually are for animal sightings, so we couldn't figure out what was holding up traffic...until we saw a bison ambling down the road (picture below). He was just taking his sweet time going where ever it was that he was headed and he didn't give a fig about all the cars stopped along the roadway!

It was lunchtime when we got to Old Faithful, so we stopped at the lodge for lunch...$30.52 for two salads, two soft drinks, a chicken wrap, and a slice of carrot cake!!!

Just as we were finishing up lunch, Old Faithful went off (bottom picture).


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