Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, here we are back at Hilgard Junction State Park after visiting with my mother and attending my nephew's graduation party on Sunday. We had a great time visiting with everyone.

Instead of driving on I-84 all the way to La Grande, we decided to get off at the exit for Farewell Bend State Park and drove US-30 all the way into Baker City (except for a short section where we had to get back on the Interstate).

After having lunch in Baker City at Sumpter Junction, where we always stop and eat if we're going through Baker City at lunch time, we drove SR-203 which makes a loop from Baker City, heading east and north through Union and on to La Grande. We've driven this road a couple of time going south, but this is the first time we've driven it get a whole new perspective coming from the opposite direction! Unfortunately, the Wallowa Mountains were mostly covered with clouds, so the views weren't as grand as they would have been had we had clear skies.


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