Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This has been an interesting...and busy...month.

After my gallbladder surgery on September 2, I had to be transported to the emergency room early the following Wednesday morning. I thought I was having a heart attack, but fortunately, it wasn't that...nor was it a blood clot, which was the other thing we were fearful of. I was given a catscan, but the doctor had no idea what it was...perhaps left over gas from the surgery trying to find its way out (I'd been told about that, but no one mentioned the pain it would cause)! At any rate, it was a scary few hours!

During September, Earl had a colonoscopy (his first one) which was clear (no polyps) and a prostate biopsy (since his PSA was around 11). We just met with the doctor who did the biopsy and they found early stages of prostate cancer. Fortunately, it is not the aggressive kind of prostate cancer and it has been caught early. The doctor discussed all the options with us...radiation (either external radiation or by the insertion of radioactive "seeds"), or surgery. Earl opted for the insertion of the radioactive seeds, so he has his first appointment with the oncologist this Friday to fill out paperwork and have a consultation.

We asked the doctor about waiting to do anything until we returned to Spokane in April, but he was reluctant to advise waiting. This means, of course, that our hope for leaving for Arizona around the middle of this month have been dashed. Assuming that Earl can get in for the "surgery" sometime this month, it means that, at the earliest, we wouldn't be able to leave here until the end of October...perhaps into November. Of course, if he can't get the procedure done until November, then we'll be here even longer.

On a lighter note, September 20 was our 35th anniversary and, to celebrate, we went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.


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