Sunday, October 08, 2006

Death Valley National Park

We stopped in Tonopah to get gas for the Lazy Daze ($2.799/gallon) and then on to Death Valley National Park. Again, we are staying at Mesquite Spring Campground in the northern portion of the park (about 5 miles from Scotty's Castle)'s higher in elevation (about 1,800') than the campground at Furnace Creek, thus it's cooler. The fact that it's been overcast with a nice breeze helps keep the temperature down, too.

The only problem with this visit was the group that moved into a site a few spaces down from us. As we were preparing for bed, their dogs started barking...and continued to bark for at least an hour until someone else who was fed up with the noise, pounded on their door and told them to "Shut those d*mn dogs up!" The dogs were immediately silenced, so it begs the question (since the owners were obviously there), WHY did they let them continue to bark nonstop? Maybe they're deaf???

Miles driven: 101.9
GPS coordinates: N36 57.743 / W117 22.243


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