Monday, May 14, 2007

Having our slide problem fixed

It's a good thing that we got up early (6 AM), because just before 7 AM, someone from the service center knocked on our door and asked us to move since he needed to put a rig in the bay. That was OK, though, since Curtis had told us the work on our slides would be done at the main we drove over there.

Since the office wasn't open that early, we waited in the truck until Bryan Tillet and Curtis Peterson came out to introduce themselves (Bryan is the President of Peterson Industries and Curtis is one of the owners, although we don't know his exact position).

Curtis had us back up to one of the bays at the main plant, and we proceeded to unload all the stuff out of the front storage area of the RV so he'd have access to the wiring.

Curtis ended up replacing the 40-amp circuit breaker (which, apparently, Ron Walter had put in when he installed the solar -- although our slides weren't working correctly even before we had solar put in -- and which we were not aware of), with a 100-amp circuit breaker (the slides can draw between 80 to 95 amps when coming in). Once that change was made, the slides worked like they should; i.e., no more stopping when coming in!

The work was finished just prior to noon, so we had lunch at the hamburger stand just east of the plant. We then headed for Prairie Dog State Park which is west of Norton, KS. We were under a severe thunderstorm watch during the lots of rain and high winds, but, fortunately, no hail.

Miles driven: 74.4
GPS coordinates: N 39° 48.328' / W 099° 56.641'


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