Sunday, November 11, 2007

Overnight near Searchlight, Nevada

We left Death Valley early this morning. The Death Valley 49ers Encampment was in full swing at Furnace Creek when we drove through...lots and lots of RVs with people swarming everywhere.

We stopped in Shoshone for lunch at the Crowbar Cafe (really good food). It's a good thing that we didn't need to fill up with diesel here...the one gas station in town had regular gas for $4.4x9 per gallon!!! They didn't advertise the price of diesel, but did have a diesel pump; however, we didn't walk over to see what the price of diesel was...I don't think we want to know!

We did fill up with diesel, though, in Baker, where diesel was still expensive ($3.799/gallon), but a lot cheaper than it would have been in Shoshone!

We're spending the night at the same BLM area west of Searchlight on SR-164 that we stayed at on our way up to Idaho.

Miles driven: 233.8
GPS coordinates: N 35° 30.587' / W 115° 03.336'


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