Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Willcox Elks Lodge

Before leaving Deming, Earl filled up the truck with diesel at the Sav O Mat gas station in town. On our previous trips to Deming, this gas station has always had the cheapest prices on fuel, and this time was no exception. Diesel at this station was $3.579 per gallon when all the other stations in town were at something like $3.709 or more.

We stopped in Lordsburg for lunch. We were going to eat the the restaurant we'd stopped at before that used to be a Denny's but had changed hands the last time we'd stopped there for lunch. Well, the restaurant is now closed, so we walked over to the Subway in the Love's Travel Plaza to have lunch.

We're parked for the night at the Elks Lodge in Willcox, and are lucky to have found a place! Of all the times we've stayed here, if we weren't the only people staying here, there were only one or two other rigs. Well, this time there's something going on and the place is packed! I'm not sure what kind of get together it is, but Earl says he's seen a few WIN (Wandering Individuals Network) stickers on some of the rigs, so perhaps that's who all these people are!

After arriving and unhooking, we drove down to the Safeway in town to do grocery shopping and stopped by the Wilcox Truck Plaza to fill up with diesel ($3.819).

Miles driven: 141.4
GPS coordinates: N 32° 15.142' / W 109° 49.633'


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