Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coos Bay

We drove down to Coos Bay to look at Bigfoot camper at Gibbs RV. They only had the 2500 series in stocks. While nice, they are much narrower than the 3000 series, and don't have as much insulation.

We noted that there were no MSRPs inside any of the rigs...just a dealer-prepared sheet that had only the price on it...unlike George Sutton RV in Eugene, which had MSRPs in each rig. In our opinion, and from personal experience, not having MSRPs inside each and every rig, is just an invitation for the dealer to play games with the price. We've seen instances where the so-called MSRP on a dealer-prepared sheet was $10,000 more than what we'd seen in an identical rig that had the MSRP in it. I'm not saying that that's what is happening at Gibbs, but we'd be reluctant to buy from a dealer who wasn't upfront about matters such as this from the very start.

Right now, George Sutton is #1 on our list of dealers from which to buy a camper when the time comes. Not only because they carry all 3 brands in which we are interested, but also because they are an Excel dealer, so we can have work done on it if the need arises.

We stopped in North Bend on our way back to purchase a new pair of binoculars from Big 5 Sporting Goods to replace the pair we'd run over (long story!). The ones we bought aren't quite as nice as the pair it replaces, but the price was right: an $80-something pair on sale for $30!


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