Monday, December 29, 2008

Why, AZ

On our way out of Gila Bend, we stopped at the Love's to top off the tank before heading to Why ($1.999 per gallon).

We're spending the next 3 days at Coyote Howls West Campground in Why. This park is a nice park in a pretty desert area. The downside is that we have no service on our Verizon or Sprint air cards. There is Wi-Fi here (provided by Wild Blue satellite Internet), but the signal at our site is poor unless I sit in the recliner near a window that faces the office, and even then the speed is extremely slow. If we were going to spend an extended length of time here, I'd have to back to HughesNet!

Miles driven: 56.4
GPS coordinates: N 32° 16.189' / W 112° 44.526'


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