Friday, March 13, 2009

One of the tires on our fifth wheel has been losing air. Earl fires up the truck every once in awhile (we have a compressor on the PacBrake we had installed prior to getting the fifth wheel) and pumps it back up.

The last time he did that, he noticed the sidewall had cracks in it. From past experience, we know that once one tire starts to fail, the others won't be far behind. We were hoping to wait to get new tires for the fifth wheel until either this fall or perhaps sometime next year...or at least wait until we get up to Oregon so we don't have to pay any sales tax. However, in it's current condition, we would not want to chance a long trip on the tire.

Therefore, Earl called both the Goodyear dealer in Blythe and the American Tire store here in Quartzsite for a quote on replacement tires. It turns out, surprisingly (to me, anyway), that the dealer here in Q had the better price for what we think is a better tire (Toyos vs Firestone). So we've made an appointment for the 20th, the day we leave B-10 Campground, to have new tires put on.

While we're there, we'll get a quote for new tires on the truck as well as seeing if they'll put on Firestone airbags.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a nice adventure having to glance once in a while on those tires just to make sure....

Friday, March 13, 2009  

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