Monday, May 18, 2009

I forgot to mention that when we were out and about on Saturday, that Earl stopped and bought an annual Idho fishing license (expensive for non-residents!!!). He went out fishing yesterday, but didn't catch anything...wrong bait? All he had were lures, no worms.

We're taking off today to drive the loop that goes east from Orofino (Grangemont Road), south through Pierce (SR-11) and then southwest and west back to US-12. I don't know if we'll make the complete trip today...we may decide to drive up FS-247 at least as far as the Aquarius Campground (the road becomes unpaved shortly after that) and may stay overnight at one of the campgrounds along the way. I doubt that we'll have Internet access any place along this road (with the possible exception of Pierce or Weippe), and we certainly won't have cell phone service (we haven't had any cell phone service even when we drove into Orofino), so no new posts will be added here for a day or two.

We do have a Spot Messenger which has both a 9-1-1 feature and a "Help" feature which summons roadside service. It works off satellite, so we don't need to be near any cell towers for it to work.


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