Monday, May 11, 2009

Last night was spent at Hilgard Junction State Park about 8-9 miles west of La Grande at the junction of I-84 and SR-244...we were the only ones there.

When we left Heppner yesterday morning, we drove SR-74 into Pendleton where we did laundry, grocery shopping, and diesel ($2.369).

This morning, we drove up to Eagle Cap where they fixed the bathroom wall which the door slides against (it had started to bow). As Earl was walking around, he noticed that they are apparently now using a different hand like we have on the fifth wheel, instead of the piece of junk they put on ours. They offered to change out the hand rail, so we now have a much nicer one.

After we finished up at Eagle Cap, we went by D&B Supply to get a long-sleeved shirt for me (for protection against those Canadian and Alaska mosquitoes) and new shoes for Earl (he'd only brought one pair with him).

We stopped in Elgin and had lunch at Huang Gheng, a Chinese restaurant, where we had some really good food!

When we left Elgin, we turned on SR-204 and drove through the Blue Mountains. This is the first time we've ever driven through the Blues on any road other than I-84 and it was beautiful! We checked out several of the Sno-Parks for possible summer camping on a return trip...the mountains were still deep with snow (except for the road) and cold.

Tonight we're at the Walla Walla Elks Lodge, the first time we've stayed here. The property is really pretty at this time of year with lots of white and pink flowering Dogwood trees! The lodge is in the downtown area, so there's lots of traffic going by on the street behind us, but I imagine that it will quiet down come night.


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