Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leadore, ID

On our way from McFarland Recreation Area where we spent Thursday night, to Kaufman Sportsman Access area where we spent last night, we made several stops, the first being the small town of Leadore.

We stopped to take a picture of an old church...there was no sign indicating denomination, but it's my guess it's probably Mormon [probably not, since, as I've learned, Morman churches don't have crosses]...and the remains of what was undoubtedly a bank in days gone by. The only thing remaining is the safe!

We'd also seen several old cars pass us going north on SR-28, one of which was parked in Leadore. Just as I had finished taking pictures of the car (a Stevens-Duryea), the owner came out. Earl asked him if there was a car rally going on somewhere, but he said, no, it's just a group of owners touring the U.S. All told, we saw about 12 old cars heading north.


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