Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Wednesday, before we left Salmon, we stopped to pick up a few groceries and then in Challis to fill up with diesel ($2.799).

We wanted to check out the Earthquake Visitor Information Center north of Mackay which details the October 28, 1983 7.3 earthquake in the Lost River Range. The Thousand Springs Valley dropped 7.5 feet that day while the Lost River Range rose about one foot. Earl and I were living in Spokane when the earthquake happened and we could feel it there.

Saying this is a "center" is stretching it some...all that is there are some informational signs about the earthquake and a fence surrounding part of the 21 mile long scarf which can still be seen today stretching across the base of the mountains. But, it was a nice quiet place, with a great view of the valley, so we decided to spend the night.


Mount Borah...the white line at the lower center that looks like it might be a road is actually the scarf from the earthquake

Our camper at the Earthquake Visitor's Information Center with Mount Borah in the background

The next morning, we continued north on the Doublesprings Pass Road through the Lost River Range and into the Pahsimeroi Valley thru May and on to US-93 at Ellis, north of Challis. This is most likely a road that we will not drive again since a section through the mountains was only one lane wide with a steep dropoff on one side. We were very fortunate that we did not meet anyone coming the other way through this section!

We spent Thursday night camped at Cottonwood Recreation Site located along the Salmon River north of Challis.

We stopped in Challis on our way through to pick up a few more groceries and then drove on to Stanley. We spent last night at a free area called "Additional Redfish Camping" just north of Sunny Gulch Campground.

Tonight, we're spending a peaceful evening camped along Elk Creek Road just off SR-21 northwest of Stanley.


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