Thursday, July 16, 2009

My mother and sister arrived in Stanley on Sunday and we've had an enjoyable time visiting with them. Lorri has cooked some scrumptious meals (Thai and Greek) and Earl and I have also cooked a couple of meals, albeit more pedestrian (hamburgers one night and pork chops the next).

Mom, Lorri, and Earl have had some luck fishing...a total of eight trout. They ran out of the night crawlers Earl had bought a while back so Lorri bought some more that were green (probably dyed)...the fish didn't like those green worms at all! (Well, who wants to eat something green that's not supposed to be green?)

Earl and I have been spending each night out on Elk Meadows Road (before I said Elk Creek, but the sign on SR-21 says Elk Meadows even though one of the interior roads does say Elk Creek which does, in fact, run along Elk Creek). It's been nice and quiet out here with not another soul in sight...except for the wolf we heard and saw yesterday evening. Earl says he heard a couple of bull Elk a couple of mornings ago, but he didn't get up to see them.

Today will be our last day visiting with Mom and Lorri...they leave to go back to Melba tomorrow morning.


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