Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rosy Indian paintbrush
(Castilleja rhexifolia Rydb.)

When we left the snopark on Tuesday morning, we stopped in McCall to pick up groceries and fill the truck with diesel ($2.559).

We then headed south on SR-55, taking CR-24 east at Banks. CR-24 runs along the Payette River and the South Fork of the Payette River...sometimes far above the river (this is the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway). At Lowman, CR-24 ends and we continued northeast on SR-21 to just past Banner Summit (at 7,020') where we took the turnoff to Bull Trout Lake. We checked out the campground at the lake, but none of the sites were actually on the lake; however, we'd spotted some free spots driving in that were right on a smaller, unnamed, lake, so we went back and parked.

Earl got out his boat, inflated it, and went to fishing. Unfortunately, nothing was biting, either that evening when he was fly fishing or the next morning when he was using worms.

We spent last night at Elk Meadows Road northeast of Stanley on SR-21, the same place we'd boondocked when we stayed in Stanley earlier. When we left this morning, we stopped by the Stanley Ranger Station to dump the gray tank and add more fresh water. We also stopped in Hailey for diesel ($2.699).

Tonight we're at Moonstone Landing, a sportsman access area on US-20 west of its junction with SR-75. Fortunately, the weather has cooled off, at least temporarily, so we don't need to run the generator for the air conditioning.


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