Friday, April 16, 2010

This has been a busy week!

It started out on Monday by doing grocery shopping at Wal Mart and then going to the realtor's office to sign the papers agreeing to the counter offer made by the owner of the house we're buying.

Tuesday, we went by the mobile home park to meet with the owner and pick up the papers we needed to sign and have notarized so that he could check our credit rating. Afterward, we drove out to Furniture Row, just east of where we're staying at the Elks Lodge to look at furniture. We ended up buying a bed...spent much more than we needed to, but it's the one piece that I wanted to be comfortable. The mattress is similar to a Tempur-Pedic mattress, except less expensive.

On Wednesday, we drove around checking out some of the other furniture places in town, including some used furniture places and stopped for lunch at The Onion, a restaurant that's been in Spokane since 1978 (we lived in Spokane from 1977-1985).

We had the form we picked up from the mobile home park's owner notarized on Thursday and then went by Best Buy to talk to them about doing something so that we can listen to our Sirius radio when the camper is on the truck. The truck came with a Sirius radio with the "hockey puck" antenna built into the top of the roof. When the camper is on the truck, it covers the antenna, so we need to have it extended to the front of the truck, or whatever other idea they come up with. We go in Sunday to talk with the installer for his ideas.

Today, we met the inspector at the house. While he was busy checking out the house from top to bottom, we took measurements so that we'd know what to look for in the way of furniture. Fortunately, there were no surprises in the inspection, so the sale can proceed! :-)

After the inspection, we drove to Airway Heights (boy! has that place changed since we built our log home there back in the early 80's!) to open up a savings account at a local bank. We are going to need a cashier's check to take to closing, and it's been our experience that banks won't provide this service to people who are not customers. Since we "bank" at our brokerage firm, and they don't offer this service, we figured the best course of action would be to open up an account in the area.

This took us to noon, so we stopped by the Longhorn BBQ, another Spokane-area institution, for lunch.

Then it was back to Furniture Row to buy the rest of the furniture we'll need for the house...well, almost all. We still have to find two nightstands for either side of the bed...we're limited to about 12" in width, and Furniture Row didn't have anything that small...and two lamps, one for each side of the bed. We'll also need a couple of office chairs for the table we got for the office, but those will come from Staples (hopefully, the Staples here will have the same chairs we bought for the fifth wheel since we really like them).

OK, now it's time for a nap! ;-)


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