Saturday, April 03, 2010

We were awake before 6 AM, so got up and loaded all the remaining stuff into the truck. Cleaned the tanks, turned off the propane, closed the slides, locked the door, and off down the road we went.

Stopped at the Coachman Cafe in Bouse for breakfast, Burger King in Henderson for lunch, and had dinner at the Prospector Restaurant in Ely, where we are staying (well, not in the restaurant, but in the motel attached to it). Earl and I took turns driving, so it wasn't too bad, although it was a long day...didn't get into Ely and the motel until around 5:30 PM...we're usually off the road by 2 or 3 PM, and always by 4 PM when we have an RV with us!

The roads in Nevada are good...unlike the roads in California. US-95 from Vidal Junction (in California west of Parker, AZ) to the Nevada border was in terrible shape!

We ran into snow on the ground approaching Murray Pass on US-6 just before getting into Ely, although the roads were dry. There is still snow on the ground here in Ely, too.


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