Friday, April 02, 2010

On the Road Again (Almost)!

We have been busy this week preparing the fifth wheel for spending the summer in Arizona.

Besides having the rig washed and waxed, I've been busy oiling all the woodwork and cleaning windows. Yesterday we put 303 on the tires and covered them. Earl also got on the roof and put the cover on the A/C unit.

We bought several 18-gallon plastic tubs and have been busying filling them up with the stuff that we need to take with us for the camper. Clothes will be put in our "luggage" (cloth grocery store bags...hey, we're nothing if not classy!). After dinner tonight, I'll defrost and clean out the refrigerator, leaving the doors open, and before we go to bed, we'll put the Reflectix that we've cut to size in all the windows.

Tomorrow morning, I'll put plastic bags with water in them over all the drains (prevents the water from evaporating), fill the toilet with water and put saran wrap over the bowl. We'll pack up all the remaining last-minute stuff (like toiletries) and head off down the road, stopping at the Coachman Cafe in Bouse for breakfast.

Tomorrow night will be spent at a motel in Ely, NV. Sunday, we'll be at my Mom's place south of Nampa, ID, and Monday will find us in La Grande, OR picking up our camper...probably in the rain, according to the weather forecast! It'll be strange not having an RV with us for a few days!


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