Sunday, December 12, 2010

We got up early, had coffee, and headed to Needles where we had breakfast at Denny's.  Stopped for fuel in Parker, and were home around noon.

The fifth wheel looks none the worse for having sat out in the hot Arizona sun all summer.  We've got most of the camper unloaded, but not everything put away yet.  We still have the TV to try and get set up (remember, we changed from DirecTV to Dish Network, so we have a new system to try and figure out).  That will probably wait until tomorrow as it's after 5:30 PM and starting to get dark.  Fortunately, there's nothing on TV on Sundays!

Gracie has been having fun checking out her new home for the next few months.  I think she's glad not to be stuck in the back seat and to have some room to roam.


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