Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Long day (for us, anyway).

We stopped for breakfast at Longhorn BBQ and then headed out...we were well on our way by 9:00 AM.  Stopped in Ritzville for diesel.  We were planning on staying at a Passport America park in Hermiston, OR, but by the time we got down there, it wasn't even noon, so we pressed on, traveling west on I-84 along the Columbia River.  Almost every time we travel west on this highway, we are battling strong headwinds, but it was relatively calm today. 

We're spending the night at Bridge RV Park in White Salmon, WA, across the Columbia River from Hood River, OR.  Although we prefer boondocking...and there are several places along the Columbia where you can boondock...we need electric hookups so we can run the space heater (it's still cold here) and we have to fill up the fresh water tank.  Now, if we can just run into some warmer weather!

I set up the satellite receiver and ran though all the testing, but when I went to raise the dish, it was still ice bound, and it appears that we may have blown a fuse (assuming there's a fuse in line some place).  Even after Earl went up and the roof to dislodge the dish from all the snow and ice (something I should have had him check on beforehand), the dish won't raise.  We'll be going through Eugene where we had the dish installed, so I'm hoping that we can stop and have the installer trouble shoot the problem and make repairs. 


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